PORRIDGE – My Favorite Breakfast

My go to breakfast is, as the blog post title says, PORRIDGE! It’s such a quick and healthy meal onto which you can add whatever fruits, nuts, eat you feel like. And it’s super cheap as well so perfect for students 😉

As a base I usually add water and some milk to the oats which I heat up in the microwave just because it’s easier and less dishes to clean up than heating it up in a pot. But I guess heating it up in a pot makes it more creamy so if I got enough time I would also grab a pot from time to time. After that I add some cinnamon and honey which makes it smell and taste delicious. Now it’s time to get creative. I think you can never go wrong with bananas and chia seed or some berries.

Porridge fills you up perfectly and gives you great energy in order to start your day!

Any other porridge fans out there? 🙂



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